Omer Zanany

Omer Zanany is an experienced researcher and strategic consultant who specializes
in intelligence research and policy design. Before retiring from the IDF as a lieutenant colonel, he wrote intelligence and policy papers, took part in security negotiations, and managed teams charged with formulating the IDF’s positions on a variety of core issues (the Clinton proposal, the Arab Peace Initiative, the Road Map, the Security Fence, and the disengagement from Gaza, among others).

In recent years, Zanany has consulted the Policy Planning Bureau in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is currently a consultant to the defense establishment. In 2014, he published several opinion articles on Israel’s policy in Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip (through the Peace and Security Association), on the need for mutual agreement as a condition for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Common Sense Magazine, Netanya Academic College), and on the ramifications of the Arab Spring for Israel’s national security conception (Galilee International Management Institute).

Zanany holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern & African history and an M.A. in public policy, both from Tel Aviv University.