Guy Priver
Research Fellow

Guy Priver is a doctoral student at Harvard Law School, focusing on local participation in global governance. Guy’s research is mostly influenced by critical legal studies (CLS) and social theory of law, and he is mainly interested in exploring the processes in which the international legal system, traditionally structured as an inter-state system, is being transformed, fragmented and decentralized to accommodate a broad range of actors, including cities and localities around the globe. His master’s thesis focused on UNESCO participation platforms as a case study of global administration. Prior to his studies at Harvard, Guy completed his LL.M. at the TAU Faculty of Law, and his B.A. at the TAU Department of History. He clerked for the Hon. Justice Daphne Barak-Erez at the Supreme Court of Israel. Guy co-edited the fortieth issue of the TAU Law review, and published several articles and opinion columns on public law and policy issues, and a policy paper on mitigating corruption in the public service.