19.05.2016 analysis by Assaf David
A historic opportunity to become part of the problem
Why did Labor Chairman Herzog get so excited over the Egyptian president’s speech?
03.03.2016 analysis by Ronit Marzen
An olive branch in my hand, a coffin on my shoulder
Young Arab-Palestinians in Israel belong to the alienated, disappointed “Stand-Tall” generation that is fighting against the systems trying to erase it: the Jewish nation-state and patriarchal culture. This takes the form of art – and violence
Element from: Untitled, by Micahel Halak, oil on canvas, 2009, 140X110cm
03.03.2016 analysis by Rajaa Natour
Neither Marriage Nor Protection for Syrian Women
Thousands of Syrian women are forced to marry men, mainly from the Gulf states, for their protection. Why is this happening and what are the ramifications of this phenomenon
A wedding in a Syrian refugee camp. Photo: Facebook
20.01.2016 analysis by Marzouk Alhalabi
Arab-Palestinian politics in Israel harming promising young leaders
The uproar in Arab-Palestinian political circles in Israel over Ayman Odeh’s visit in the US has exposed the weakness and stagnation of these political frameworks. The “stand-tall generation” seems to be too used to the low glass ceilings in Israel and in the Occupied Territories
Ayman Odeh visiting Washington. Photo taken from his Facebook page
20.01.2016 analysis by Oren Barak
Israel and Iran: From Rivalry to Shared Interests?
It is time for Iran and Israel to seek out a formula to protect their shared interests in the Middle East
Fans in Tel Aviv during the 2014 World Cup with Israel and Iran flags. Photo: Sany Arazy
10.12.2015 analysis by Doron Matza
On Manipulation and the Northern Branch
The official Israeli narrative of a terrorist Palestinian Intifada is intended to thwart criticism of Israeli policy towards Palestinian representation
photo: חטיבת דובר המשטרה .Police raid at the offices of the Northern Branch of the IM
05.11.2015 analysis by Amir Tauber
What Else was There in Abu-Mazin's Speech
While Abbas' lies are damaging, one should not expect Israel's Palestinian "security contractor" to commit political suicide
Netanyahu and Abbas shaking hands. Photo: GPO
28.07.2015 analysis by Ronit Marzen
Why are the military and diplomatic talks with Hamas being undermined?
In recent months, Israel-Hamas talks over releasing captives have broadened into negotiation of an agreement in the form of a long-term truce. Hamas’ political leaders need Israel and the PA in order to fight the movement’s military wing. However, the Fatah-Hamas split and Israel’s exploitation of it will continue to block diplomatic progress.
Youtube screen capture of Hamas show of power in Gaza, July
29.06.2015 analysis by Assaf David
Israel's political center lacks regional vision
The parties at the center of Israel’s political spectrum – from the Labor on the left to the Likud on the right – offer no vision for relations with the Palestinians and with the rest of the Middle East
29.06.2015 analysis by Avraham Sela
The Palestinian issue: The root of all Middle East conflict?
We should question the view that any negative occurrence in the Middle East stems from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Yet historically, the Arab-Jewish conflict in Mandatory Palestine is at the heart of the regional conflict
29.06.2015 analysis by Orna Cohen
Radicalization of Arab Knesset members: a civic rift
Public statements by Arab members of the Israeli parliament have grown more extreme over the last twenty years. This radicalization has primarily been driven by the events of October 2000, the failure of the peace process, and growing nationalism in Jewish-Israeli society. Dr. Orna Cohen analyzes the growing rift between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, as reflected in parliamentary debate.
18.06.2015 analysis by Raz Zimmt
Iran: The nuclear train has arrived
Iran between a nuclear program and a threshold state
Iranian FM Zarif and EUHR Mogherini. Photo: Youtube
18.06.2015 analysis by Elizabeth Tsurkov
Syrian civil war: Waiting for a tiebreaker
Without a drastic change in regional circumstances and in external funding of the warring factions, the civil war in Syria is likely to continue for years