19.02.2017 analysis by Dr. Avner Inbar

Does the Right even know what 'one state' means?

All the vocal politicians, shrewd journalists, and keen researchers on the Israeli Right have failed to produce a single policy paper explaining what the ‘one state’ escapade is supposed to look like.

The Israeli Right has scores of politicians and organizations, several newspapers and research institutes, and millions of dollars working for it. Yet for years, none of them has managed to explain what “one state” is actually supposed to look like. The Left has provided detailed plans for the two-state solution, complete with maps, security arrangements, and legal provisions (think Geneva Initiative, Ayalon-Nusseibeh Initiative, Beilin-Abu Mazen agreement). For instance, the Geneva Accord covers electromagnetic space, border crossings, and policing arrangements in the Old City of Jerusalem. Who will secure Jewish worshippers traveling to Rachel’s Tomb? What will happen to drinking water? It’s all in there. If the two-state solution were dead (which it most certainly is not – in fact, it is more alive than ever), anyone could identify the body. When we talk about two states, we all know exactly what we mean.

Meanwhile, the Right is celebrating Trump’s recent implication that two states are not the only way to resolve the conflict. What he actually said is that as long as both parties agree, he doesn’t care which solution prevails. Understandably, the Right chose to interpret this as support for the one-state vision it shares with the radical Left on both sides.

If they believe this vision is about to become reality, isn’t it time to reveal what one state would actually mean? Would millions of Palestinians be granted Israeli citizenship, as President Rivlin suggested? Would Yihya Sanwar, the new Hamas leader in Gaza, become a top IDF commander? What would be the consequences of extending Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank (and Gaza)? How would it affect our healthcare system? Our social security? Our GDP?

Israel has lived under a right-wing government with virtually no opposition for eight years now. When will the countless organizations working at its behest finally come up with a policy paper explaining their overarching vision? We would really like to know what the “one-state” escapade is supposed to hold in store for us. Come on, right wing. Won’t you give us a teeny-tiny plan?

Published originally in Haaretz, 16.02.2017

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