12.02.2015 analysis by Prof. Assaf Sharon
Soldiers in Gaza during operation Protective Edge (Photo by: IDF)
Soldiers in Gaza during operation Protective Edge (Photo by: IDF)    

Failure in Gaza

How Netanyahu's fixation with maintaining a political status-quo led to Israel's failed war in Gaza
Originally pubished in the New York Review of Books

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long ago become a shouting match over moral superiority. With seventy Israelis and more than two thousand Palestinians, most of them civilians, dead, the latest round of violence in Gaza, too, is being analyzed and discussed mostly on ethical grounds. But as fighting goes on, moral condemnation will likely do little to prevent the next round. Understanding how we got to this point—and, more importantly, how we can move beyond it—calls for an examination of the political events that led up to the operation and the political context in which it took place.

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