20.10.2012 interview by Avishay Ben Sasson-Gordis

Interview with former Finance Minister Avraham Shochat

Avraham Shohat, former finance minister during the Oslo years, tells Molad that there is no substitute for the Paris Protocols from the the 90's
Because Molad is an Israeli think-tank focused on Israeli issues the majority of our website’s of content is in Hebrew. As we grow, more content will become available in English. Below is a short summary of the interview:

As the 20th anniversary of the Oslo Accords approaches, Molad takes a new look at the agreement and examines them with an eye to the future. In light of Israel's difficult economic situation both when it comes to the Palestinian Authority and the world, Molad has created what it calls "Project Paris" to articulate what the Oslo Accord's economic Annex called for and what it means today. In the coming weeks we will invite a variety of decision makers involved in drawing up, implimenting and managing the agreement the overall economic relations between Israel and the Palestinains for their views on the agreement. Naturally, the first person Molad turned to was the finance minister at the time, Avraham Shochat.

Note: The views expressed in this interview are solely the opinions of the interviewee and do not reflect the views of Molad.

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