05.12.2013 by Molad
05.12.2013 Research

The Political Center: Yesh Atid Poll 2013

Yesh Atid voters are deeply disappointed in the national budget, oppose their party chairman's alliance with Naftali Bennett, support the division of Jerusalem in the framework of a peace deal, and see the settlers as a special interest group with disproportionate influence. Molad's 2013 Poll outlines the ideology of "Yesh Atid" voters, revealing the gap between them and the party they voted for
The English version will be available soon. For the full Hebrew text, click here

One of the most interesting and significant phenomena in Israeli politics is the consistent success of center parties This is clearly manifest in the impressive electoral victory of the Yesh Atid.

A sober read of the Israeli political map must include a thorough understanding, free of assumptions, of these center voters. These are the question the Molad 2013 Poll deals asks: Who are "Yesh Atid" voters? Who would they have voted for had Yesh Atid not been an option? What are their views on Lapid's economic policy? On the alliance between Lapid with Jewish Home Party chairman Naftali Bennett? 

The Molad 2013 Poll results demonstrate that Yesh Atid voters have a clear political vision. Today, this bloc finds itself deeply disappointed, as its leading parliamentary representatives are pushing policy that contradicts their values on virtually all issues. 


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