Essential Components of Effective
Public Diplomacy
The Hasbara Apparatus:
Units, Tasks and Areas of Responsibility
Coordination & Management of Hasbara Messaging
Informal Hasbara
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Multi-Dimensional Communications Strategy
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Strategic Targeting
Hasbara Apparatus

Department in the Prime Minister’s Office. Responsible for Israel’s hasbara activities and acts as spokesman for the Prime Minister.

The apparatus has two parallel arms: the national hasbara headquarters and the communications and spokesperson’s unit.

Tasks: Responsible for working with Israeli and international media, hasbara units, pro-Israel individuals and organizations worldwide, and the operation of all websites and social networks for the Prime Minister’s Office. Officially, the apparatus is limited to state and national issues and does not handle political or party issues. 

National Hasbara Headquarters

National hasbara headquarters coordinates unified hasbara policy and messaging for the official spokespeople for the State of Israel.

The following fall under its auspices: the Arabic communications advisor to the Prime Minister, the Internet and new media department, and all hasbara and policy field coordinators, both military and civilian. Headquarters are in constant contact with pro-Israel individuals and organizations that function locally and worldwide. It coordinates these bodies to advance the objectives and stances of the State of Israel. Headquarters transmits essential hasbara messages and assists in the production of hasbara materials. Headquarters places special emphasis on social networks, a methodology that stems from a belief that direct, unmediated communication with a broad public around the world will engender trust and promote the reliable transfer of the State of Israel’s hasbara messaging. Like the National Hasbara Forum, hasbara headquarters holds regular meetings for the “New Media Forum” to promote Internet and social network based hasbara.

National Hasbara Forum

Under the auspices of the national hasbara headquarters and determines Israeli hasbara policy on domestic and foreign issues.

It includes hasbara agents and official spokespeople for the State of Israel both locally and abroad who adhere to the synchronized positions, messages, reactions, and commentary produced by the Forum.


1. Proactive advocacy (briefings, composition of materials) 

2. Increased cooperation and coordination between hasbara agents of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Minister with hasbara agents in the field of security. 

3. Hasbara to Arab populations. 

4. Expanding cooperation with relevant hasbara organizations.

5. Internet Hasbara.

Forum Participants:
 Headquarters' chief of staff, spokespeople for: the IDF, the police, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of the Interior, a representative of the Foreign Ministry, directors of communications for all of the above as well as a representative of the Government Press Office. 

Foreign Ministry Department of Media & Hasbara
(Department of the Foreign Ministry. Entrusted with the hasbara of the Foreign Ministry.)

Responsible for both traditional and new media, media relations both foreign and Israeli, as well as general public relations. The department's goal is to relate the Israeli narrative to the world, in its entirely and in all its diversity. This division (Media and Hasbara) is part of the broader public diplomacy apparatus of the Foreign Ministry. 

Areas of Responsibility: Management of the press and spokespeople, information production, digital diplomacy, hasbara and branding, and communication with of civil society (battling delegitimization).
The Ministry of Public Diplomacy & Diaspora Affairs

Government office. (Previously known as “Ministry of Diaspora Society and the Fight Against Anti-Semitism")

Tasks: To significantly increase the national hasbara effort. Mobilizing citizens of Israel and Diaspora Jews in public diplomacy with an emphasis on the battle against delegitimization.

Areas of Responsibility: Management of general hasbara for Israeli and Diaspora societies, the Hasbara Center, the Government Publications Bureau, and the Government Press Office.

IDF Spokesperson’s Division

Division of the IDF. Responsible for representing the Israel Defense Forces to Israeli and international media. Considered a part of the hasbara apparatus.

Tasks: Promotion of hasbara on the Internet through new media by operating the IDF's official of the IDF's official English website and blog, Youtube channel, Twitter profile and Flikr account.

The Jewish Agency for Israel
A worldwide Jewish organization that deals with hasbara, primarily through informal representatives.

Tasks: Recruitment, training and deployment of Israeli “messengers” to various countries worldwide for hasbara and education. Transporting hundreds of thousands of Jews from around the world to Israel in different capacities (“Taglit”, “MASA”, etc.) to help them become goodwill ambassadors for Israel.
Ministry of Tourism
Government ministry. Responsible for the development and marketing of tourism in the State of Israel.

Tasks: Strategic development and brand management to encourage tourism to Israel. The Ministry acts as an office for engagement and disseminates knowledge and promotional materials wordwide, organizes seminars and educational tours, coordinates journalism and public relations, and helps major tourist companies market Israel as a tourist destination.